Simple Things 

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Yesterday was a great reminder that life is all about the little things. My day started out being so cozy in my foam mattress bed and ended being with four friends watching a movie. Days like this help me remember how great it is to just live, no work, no worries just a good time with good company.

God created us to be workers and care for the earth but he also gave us down time and friends, because Lord knows life would be pointless with out people to share those special moments with. I know this is super cheesy but yesterday I was reminded that life is about simplicity and that we are the ones who make it chaos.

It was so fun to take my friend to cannon beach after work;  we window shopped and went into a candy store and got candied apples! (The face shows it all) than went antiquing and oil/vinegar tasting (Don’t judge it till you try it) and it was just a grand time.

Taking today and this post to reflect and remember that life is always as sweet as candied apples. 🙂


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