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Yesterday, my boyfriend John and I went to  Portland. We originally were going to a Blazers pre season meet and greet and scrimmage but that didn’t get to happen because John got called back to work 🙁 But, it’s okay because it was still such a fun day! I took John to voodoo donuts and he loved it! He had never been so of course I had to take him! I did not get a picture of him eating the donut because like all men John doesn’t like pictures (which he made clear when he deleted the one picture I had of him!) After Voodoo we met up with John’s dad and went to lunch at the Windmier Brewery.   I am not joking I had the BEST ceaser salad ever. I can’t even explain how good it was! My favorite donut is the bubble gum donut! It’s soooooooo amazing


After lunch we ended up going shopping at the  and I got some new work clothes from express! I’ll link the stuff I got down below if you are interested in purchasing some of these items 🙂




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