Top 3 Beauty Gurus on Youtube

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I have been MIA for SO long! Things have been crazy busy these last few months. between jobs and vacation than trying to come back to reality from vacation has been hard!

Anyways, todays post is going to talk about some of the best beauty gurus on youtube that I follow on a daily basis and who I have learned so much from over this past year!

1. Jaclyn Hill

Do not get me started on this girl, she is absolutely amazing, she is full of energy and positivity and really cares about the people who follow her. I remember when I first started getting into watching make up tutorials I was told I needed to watch Jaclyn Hill and ever since that day I have been hooked! I probably have watched everyone of her videos more than just once, I have watched Jaclyn over the course of this year skyrocket into youtube fame with her collaboration product with Becca Cosmetics. I actually own this product and it is a staple in my collection. Im sure most of you make up lovers are familiar with champagne pop? 🙂 I really admire Jaclyn because she is so real, and true to herself. She is honest with her subscribers and she really is informed and knows what she is talking about. Also, I cannot get enough of her adorable family, and her fur babies Frankie and Georgie.

2. Manny Gutteriez a.k.a MannyMua



I have learned so much from Manny, and not just make up wise but in life. This is a guy who does make up, I know it seems crazy and weird, I felt the same way. But, than I started watching his videos and in a round about way get to know him that I realized he is SO amazing. He is so educated in make up but he also helps people grow. At least he has helped me, watching Manny has helped me realize that people are people and no one has to be tied to gender roles. Manny is a dude, but he is living the life every girl with a passion for make up dreams of living. He is fearless, and does not let the negative opinions of the internet effect him. He gets so much hate for being a dude and applying make up, but he also gets so much love and support. Manny has in a way made me into a better person, someone who is supportive of men in the cosmetic industry and a firm believer that anyone can accomplish their dreams… That got very deep and sentimental for a minute! hahha But really who doesn’t want to watch a super attractive guy look amazing with or with out make up its very intriguing hahaha.

3. Stephanie Lange


This girl has saved my life when it comes to eye shadow! I have slightly hooded eyes and Stephanie showed me techniques to make my eyes seem less hooded and more open and awake, lets just say, Matte shadows are bae and are now a necessity in my make up collection. Stephanie is a positive, and upbeat person and I really enjoy watching her videos because she is SO educated. She is actually a professional make up artist and she really breaks down the steps of make up artistry and makes it simple for everyone to understand.

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