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Are make up brushes important? Does it make a difference in the way your eye shadow looks, depending on what brushes you use? This is something I have wondered. I always somewhat knew brushes made a difference but I did not realize HOW MUCH of a difference it makes! I thought I was using the right brushes I had the flat shadow brush, blending, crease, and etc. I just got my first set of professional brushes and I have used them once and holy moly its like a whole different look! my shadow is so much more blended and not harsh. I can deposit product just the way I want to cause I have the tools to do so now. Having pro brushes makes the world of makeup a totally different game.

Now, I know you are probably thinking “pro brushes are so expensive”, “this girl just doesn’t know how to properly do make up” but trust me when I say this, you can get high quality brushes for decent prices. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get the quality you want. The brand I suggest the most is Morphe. There is a reason everyone raves about these brushes.

Morphe brushes are affordable wonderful brushes. They are the only brand name brushes I own, other than that they are just random brushes I find here and there haha.  ( I am not in affiliation with Morphe, I am just saying they are amazeballs.)

I want to show you the difference between using my old brushes vs using my Morphe Pro Brushes. and you can decide for yourself if higher quality brushes make a difference.

What did I tell you?! Crazy right? Gahhh I can’t get over the difference!

This is the set of brushes I got for Christmas. I will link the website if you are interested in purchasing them for yourself😊

I’m obsessed 😍

 Morphe Pro Brush Set

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