2016 Resolutions

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2015 has gone and passed, and I still can’t believe how fast it flew by. Christmas, new years, than BAM 2016!

Well, just like every other human being I have some things I want to work on during this year. But, how do I stick with my goals? even though I know working on these will cause significant positive changes in my life.

Someone asked me what my “brand” for 2016 was going to be and I didn’t quite understand what they were asking. To be honest I felt like I was in some kind of interview haha. What does she mean by branding my year? Finally, it clicked. What are my over all goals for 2016? What are this years goals significantly going to effect?

Over all growth is my brand for 2016.

Over all growth in finances, relationships, mental and physical health, cleaning (Lord knows I need help with that). Everything that I do now I want to get 10000 times better this year.

  1. Remove Negativity from my life  I know I cant change the world, but I can change my outlook. I am a very positive person to begin with but I am human and as much as I dont like to admit it negativity does get to me. I cant change people I get that, but I can choose how I act towards people and if someone is showing me negativity I can choose to shed some positive light on the situation. When I feel like I cant reach my goal or the times I feel like its pointless to keep going remember that wallowing in my problems is not going to get anything done, and if I don’t change something how can it get better? To remove the words “can’t, hard, pointless, worthless, etc” any negative word that causes me to feel all gross inside remove it from my mind and don’t let it come out of my mouth. What are you doing to remove negativity from your life?

2. Get closer to God

I get some people might call me crazy for believing in a God but I don’t care, I believe in a higher power my life proves it. anyways, to get closer to God, to spend time in the word and with the Lord, to learn to trust him, and remember to not worry cause he is in control. I am very anxiety prone so that is something I really need to work on, cause worrying is just a waste of precious time and honestly solves nothing. Getting closer to God I know is the most important thing for me to work on this year  and I believe everything else will follow.

3. Work on relationships

I have been in a relationship for four consistent years, that’s pretty good considering I am in my early twenties. Its been a wonderful roller coaster and I know we are getting closer to that next step ( I hear wedding bells!! :)) but there is SO much we need to work on to love each other better. I am human and I’ve made mistakes and so has he but I do not believe I am the love guru and I know everything about love cause that is the farthest thing from the truth. I plan on reading a lot of relationship books and talk with people who have been in consistent relationships and learn the secret to keep it ( even though we all know its a choice) for some reason I think its important to ask every person I know that has been in a long term relationship how they manage to do it, haha. But not only do I want to work on my romantic relationships I want to work on family and friends as well.

Everyone of us has had that feeling like we don’t belong or that you doubt people don’t like you. Well I am sick of it, and its time to do something about it. Think about it maybe its something you do that drives people away, its possible. So I have decided to drop my pride and put the other person first more than I do now. Let them talk for once, I don’t always need to keep the conversation going, do everything I can to support people, to love people and care for them that I know that if they still don’t like me its nothing that I have done wrong cause I’ve put all my effort into being a better friend/person. That way the negative feelings are gone! (hence removing negativity from my life! haha)

4. Get to Fit to Quit

Ha, I know its cheesy and everyone says this is their goal but I seriously mean it. I don’t understand why I eat bad foods when I know I feel sick after, or I know that if I skip the gym I get slightly moody. So why would I continue to do that? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?! Like come on girl. Not only that, but its such a passion of mine. Why on earth would I not just go do it if I love it? because I am slightly lazy and it’s much easier to go home and binge watch Netflix, or spend hours watching YouTube videos after a long day at work than go to the gym. I get it, but it hinders growth and I don’t know about you but every month that goes by and I don’t put all my effort into eating healthy and going to the gym I always think about where I would be if I had stuck with it. Its definitely a vicious cycle that needs to be put to an end. Thankfully I started working on this in November so I am slowly getting rid of my bad habits! yay 🙂 But really, I believe that health and fitness is one of the most important aspects of life. because it changes everything about your body, mood, self- esteem, productiveness. Exercise and nutrition are the over all cures for everything in life.

5.  Work on Finances

Ehhh, this is a touchy subject but it is something that I need to address. I will be honest I am probably one of the worst people when it comes to saving money and budgeting. I’ll admit it, I am ridiculously stupid financially. and now its kicking my butt trying to catch up. The job I have is great and I love it but the financial part is inconsistent since its commission based. Some months its great and others not so hot. But that’s okay cause I love it. Only problem is, I have entered adult hood and I have bills that need to be paid. This is my problem, online shopping, coffee, eating out, etc all the things I love to do cost money, and I have no money, yet I still do them. UGH. This is probably a little to personal but I am all about being real on my blog, I am not hiding anything. Finances are one of the most  important  life skills that I seriously lack in, and it is one of my most important goals for this year. I want my future kids to be smart with money, I want to be on my own and be independent yet I have no money to do that, so this is a BIG thing I am going to be working on this year.

6. Cleaning and Organization

I am a messy person, not a gross messy just I am always on the go I throw things everywhere and don’t think twice about it. Its something I’ve done my entire life. This has been one of the most challenging habits I have had to break, because now, I want to be clean and organized. I’ve learned it is SO much better to be organized, it saves so much time and stress. My goal for cleaning is to become more organized, to have my mentality become “everything I own has a place” and make it live there. I think this will really help. Now that I have more organizational tools I want to make sure everything is clean and organized cause my room looks so pretty and I don’t have to feel embaressed that I have a mountain of clean clothes just sitting on my dresser.  🙂

Well, there you have it! all my goals for 2016, well at least my biggest ones. I also hope to be more consistent with blogging and YouTube as well 🙂 I really enjoy doing this! Feel free to take this list and try these for yourselves, hopefully by the end of 2016 when I review this year, I will have reached all of these goals and have helped myself be a little more prepared for life 🙂




  • Reply Kaya January 5, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Love your goals!!! 2016 will be an amazing year for you:) proud of you

    • Reply Cari Knapp January 6, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      Thank you 🙂

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