Beachy Waves With Nume & N.Y.M Beach Spray

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, this are my genuine opinions on my Nume curling wand and N.Y.M Beach Spray. I am in no way affiliated with these brands
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Hello my lovelies! Todays post is all about hair and I couldn’t be more excited! Were talking about my two favorite products; The Original Nume 25mm Wand and N.Y.M. Beach Babe Sea- Salt Spray. I am literally getting excited writing this haha! eeeeek! okay now that I just had my little freak out I can talk to you guys ha!  I personally believe that there is NOTHING prettier in the summer than a little bit of grow out, some sun kissed locks, and some GORGEOUS mermaid waves. You can check my Pinterest, there is nothing but beachy styled hair, I guess you could say I’m a lil’ obsessed haha!

Believe it or not, there is a serious technique to achieving the right look of these curls. It requires a thicker barrel. The curling wand that I use and swear by is the Nume 25 mm wand. Guys, this is THE best curling iron I have ever used in my life. it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny and it curls my hair perfectly.

This product comes in 3 different colors, pink, blue, and black. It also comes with a glove to wear while using the curling iron because it heats up to 410 degrees and you can’t lower the heat. I’ve burnt myself a few times, its not fun ha! I know some of you might be thinking using a hot tool at that temperature is going to fry my hair, but it won’t and here is why.

The reason your hair won’t fry is because this wand is coated with ceramic tourmaline which releases negative ions (I am not a scientists I stole this from the website, haha!) apparently the release of negative ions is what leaves your hair looking super shiny and glossy.(Science lesson of the day guys!) So whatever Nume did scientifically with this wand is WAY beyond my knowledge. All I know is that it’s a magic hot tool that won’t fry your hair and its is amazeballs!


Are these curls not freaking perfect!? Ah I’m so obsessed

Also they will hold, I wash my hair about every three days (dry shampoo is bae) because these curls will last that long with out having to redo them. (I am currently on day 3 babes, and these curls are still in tact!) Also,  the only styling product I use in my hair to hold these curls is N.Y.M Beach Babe Sea-Salt Spray. I rarely ever use hair spray anymore after finding this product.

Now I could be biased, but I have tried other texturizing sprays in the past and none of them compare to this one. when I use this product it gives my hair a nice grit to it but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling waxy (nothing is worse than waxy hair haha!) If you guys have not tried this stuff I HIGHLY recommend it!

Well Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this product review, let me know what your favorite curling iron or styling products are in the comments below! I love trying new products!

Also keep your eyes peeled a tutorial is coming very soon and I will talk you through how to use this wand!

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Talk to you soon!


xoxoxo, Cari


  • Reply Taylor Mobley July 1, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Love this!!! Beach waves are the best.

    • Reply Cari Knapp July 4, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      Thank you!

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