How To: Braiding Basics

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Hello everyone! Today we are going to be talking about hair. I am starting a new series on my blog/Youtube channel called Braiding Basics. To start out I am going to teach you 3 different braids today: A regular braid, fishtail braid, and a french braid. When you learn the basic principles of braids you can literally do any style you would like! Practice makes perfect, and once you get it, braiding becomes so fun. Trust me. I was there, I was a girl who could barely do a regular braid or a fishtail. When I first started out my french braids were AWFUL and my hair ended up just being in knots. So, I get you. Its tough, but if I can do it SO CAN YOU! I have faith in you, you go this. So lets jump into this.

  1. Basic Braid

Guys, believe me when I say this is easy peazy. It seems confusing at first, I know but practice makes perfect right?!

Step 1. Gather all your hair to one side. (I personally find it much easier when your first learning how to braid if you can see what you are doing vs. trying to braid behind your head.)

Step 2. Split hair into 3 even sections.

Step 3. Bring the chunk of hair farthest from your face over the middle section of hair.

Step 4. Bring the chunk of hair closest to your face over the middle section.

Step 5. Repeat these steps until you run out of hair.

BOOM ladies and gents, you have just completed your first braid. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it the first time you try. I was where you were too young grasshoppers. Just keep practicing!

Here are some visuals to for you to look at of me going step by step to complete this 1st braid.

Secret Tip: Pancake your braids! Which means lightly pull them apart. It will make them fluffier and fuller, giving the illusion of having thicker hair.

2: Fishtail Braid

I love fishtail braids! I think they are gorgeous, and they remind me of a mermaid!

Step 1: Bring all of your hair to one side of your head and split it into TWO sections.

Step 2. Grab small pieces of hair from the outside of each section, crossing them over to the other section.

Step 3. Get confused, and wonder if you are doing this right because it looks like its not holding, I promise you, it is. Keep going.

Step 4. Continue taking small sections and crossing them over into the other sections until all of your hair is in the braid.

Here are some visuals, cause I did a SUPER good job explaining that… haha.

3: French Braid

Okay, this one gets a little tricky, and don’t be upset if you don’t get it your first try, or your 50th try. I’ve been there. I wanted to learn how to french braid after watching Frozen, swooning over Elsa’s perfectly white long braided locks. (Might be where my obsession to go platinum came from.) But when I started out learning how to braid it was a hot mess, it was awful, and like I said before, just seemed like I was putting my hair in knots rather than actually braiding haha.  Than one day, it just clicked. I got it, and never looked back! That will be you too, I promise!

Step 1: Grab 3 sections of hair from the crown of your head.

Step 2. Begin doing a regular braid crossing the outer sections over the middle.

Step 3. Add in another section of hair, to the outer sections and cross over the middle section.

Step 4. Continue doing this all the way down to the nape of your neck and finish by just doing a regular braid.

Voila! You are well on your way to becoming a braid queen and nailing the perfect Elsa braid!


Also, I did a video which will give more in depth directions on how to braid! So feel free to watch that down below!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll talk to you chica’s soon!


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