Mini Shopping Haul 

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Hello everyone! I thought I would post a mini haul showing off some of the items I picked up on my trip to the mall earlier this afternoon! 

Today was such a great day, I went to the mall with my boyfriend, laughed the entire way there. At one point I was so content and at peace in the moment, I wanted to cry and hoped for it to not pass by hahah. Has anyone else been like that?! Anyways, we woke up, got coffee and breakfast and boot scooted up to Portland for a day in the sun. (Well a day at the mall technically.) it was 105 degrees out it was SO hot but it was manageable because it was dry heat not muggy Oregon Coast heat hah! 

I dragged John into all the stores I love Macy’s, Sephora, H&M, etc.. You know, typical girl stores haha! We went into Nordstrom and I tried on these GORGEOUS suede over the knee boots that I will be purchasing very soon because I was IN LOVE. Even right now I still can’t stop thinking about them and I tried them on hours ago, the obsession is REAL. Anyways, I wanted to keep my spending at a minimum and I am on a hunt for 8 key items for this fall and winter season. Today I found three of my eight for less than 50 bucks, YAAAAAAS. I’m always up for a good sale. 

The 8 items that I am looking for are obvi suede over the knee boots, a tight turtleneck shirt, a cute white v neck with the trendy cut outs.( I can’t explain it, but I’ll show you!), a chunky knit open cardigan, black skinnies, black booties, a perfect fall dress, and a black floppy hat. I see a trend coming hahah. Black is back beauty babes! I managed to find 2 super cute turtle neck shirts, and a v neck shirt! Now I also found boots and pants but sadly financially they are just gonna have to wait. 

You are probably tired of my rambling and are thinking “girl, just show me what you bought.” I will I promise. But let me tell you where I found them. Drum roll please…. Drrrrrr. Forever 21! I love this store, I really do. Even though my anxiety spikes because it’s pure chaos in there, it’s worth it because they have  cute clothes for a good price. I found all my shirts there! A brown turtle neck, a grey mock neck, and my white shirt! I was so happy haha! Now I just need it to be fall so I can wear them, ugh. I’ve posted some photos down below so you can see them! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini haul! I would love to know what your favorite fall  item is going to be! 


Side note: I think I liked the tucked in look WAY better! What do you think!? 

I am aware these are not my usual type of photos but I wanted to get these out to show you all 🙂 I can’t wait to layer these items and put together adorable fall outfits! Who else is excited for fall?! 

Oh yeah, I did end up getting some stuff from Sephora as well! I have tried the Laura Merceir Transulcent Setting Powder and I love it! But, I had been hearing great things about this brightening powder so I thought I would give it a try! The next item shown isn’t technically mine, John bought it ha but I’m sure I’ll use it more than him haha! This Boscia mask is amazeballs. I’ve only used a sample but when I tried it,it removed the majority of my black heads. It’s also one of those super satisfying peel off masks. Seriously though between you and me I’m totally going to snag this from him haha. After all I am the one who told him about it! 

Well there you have it! I am super happy with my little haul and I hope I inspired some of you to branch out and try turtle necks again haha! If you enjoy these let me know I would love to do more! Have a great day! 

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I’ll talk to you soon! Muah!! 


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