My Make Up Addiction: Eye Shadows Pt. 1

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Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about eye shadow! I am going to walk you through of my most used eye shadow palettes, the quality of the item, and is it worth the purchase. Oh, and of course links for anyone who wants to get these with out the hustle and bustle of searching for them hah. Y’all ready for this? Let’s do it.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – She Wears it Well



This palette is so old, I think this is one of Anastasia’s first ever eye shadow palettes, and sadly you won’t be able to purchase it at Sephora, Ulta, or the Anastasia website. Anastasia has only had limited addition palettes in the past. Her first ever palette that is here to stay is her Modern Renaissance Palette. These shadows have come a long ways since 2013. I received this palette in a Sephora raffle my first year in college. Little did I know that this was going to lead to my Sephora addiction. I had been in a few times before,but I wasn’t as obsessed with make up as I am now.

The packaging on this palette is kind of basic and outdated, it has a snakeskin design with gold accents. It’s pretty, but not my absolute favorite. The quality of the shadows are okay. The metallic ones are VERY pigmented and buttery but the mattes did not pack a punch and you have to use a lot of product to get it to show up.  The shadow colors themselves are gorgeous. I am a sucker for  browns so this palette speaks my language. I have swatched the colors so you can see them. The shade frosting was my favorite as you can tell, its almost gone haha!

Overall I rate this palette a B- or high C+ granted this is when Anastasia was just starting out, but I would not purchase this palette if it was available now. The reason I say that is because I don’t like this old formula. Now, if Anastasia remade this palette with the formula she uses now, oh in a heart beat I would purchase this because the colors are just absolutely stunning! It’s a good starter palette though. especially if you don’t like super visible shadow, than this palette is for you!

I found the palette on Amazon but guys seriously, don’t pay this much for this palette. It’s not worth it. Yes it’s one of her firsts but you can find different brands that carry the same shadow shades that are much better.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette




I have been OBSESSED with Urban Decay Naked Palettes ever since I saw the first ever tutorial on Pinterest, with these gorgeous metallic buttery  shadows. I couldn’t stop staring at them. I would dream about owning it and yes as pathetic as that it it’s true. Something about those gorgeous shadows just spoke to my soul and I needed them hahah! When I finally got my hands on one Christmas of 2014 (Thanks Santa, a.k.a mom) You da best! I was so ecstatic I’m surprised I didn’t cry hahahah! It was a make up lovers dream come true to finally get to play with those yummy shadows I was obsessed with for so long. I love the packaging on the Naked 2 palette. with the magnetic closing and the chic simple design, its gorgeous. Also I love when eye shadow palettes come with giant mirrors. I don’t think I own a palette that doesn’t have a mirror, its a big deal people.

The quality of these shadows are about a B ++ or an A- I only have the Naked 2 cause I love neutral taupe/browns. Yeah, I don’t branch out much. but the shimmer shades in this palette OMG I can’t handle it, the way glide on, the smooth buttery texture, the insane pigment yaaaaaaaaaas. Is it possible to get turned on by eye shadow? like yikes, I have a problem hahahah. The reason I say A- is because the shadows are kind of inconsistent. Some of the matte shadows have amazing pigment payout while others don’t. they are still super smooth, and buttery but the for some of them the pigment just isn’t there. Which is not my thing. I like super pigmented shadows. Now that being said, there is nothing wrong with these shadows, nothing at  all and the color payout could be great for anyone else. This is just my opinion. Also, I believe every make up obsessed girl needs to own at least one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. They are such good universal palettes, you can create day time looks, night time looks, killer smokey eyes, what ever tickles your fancy, you can do it with this palette.

Overall, I do believe the Naked palettes are worth purchasing, they really are such great palettes, Now do I believe they are worth 55 dollars? No. I think that’s a little unreasonable for any eye shadow palette haha, but that is out of my control so I’ll just roll with it hah.


Urban Decay Naked Basics 1&2




Ehhhh B- . I use to love these. And if we are being honest. I hardly use them anymore. I found other shadows I liked more. Now that being said these shadows are great for every day light make up, and I’m sure I’ll start using them again. Like I have said before pigment is a big thing for me and these shadows just don’t have it. Some of them do, but they aren’t consistent in their formulas or something. There are some shadows that are amazingly pigmented, and others that hardly show up, or I have to use a lot of product. I am not in any way bashing on Urban Decay products. These are just my truthful honest opinions.

These palettes are perfect for the girl who wears minimal make up, or the girl who loves the No make up Make up look but wants to add a little dimension to her eyes with out it looking like she is wearing a ton of eye shadow. These are great little travel palettes because they are small, and give enough shades to create various looks. I will say, I LOVE that these shadows are all matte shadows though. I am a matte shadow kind of girl, so that was why I really enjoyed these palettes when I first got them. they also have a great variety of colors.  I have swatches the shadows so you can see the pigment payout and you can make your own decision on purchasing these.

Are these  eye shadows worth the price they are? oh yes, most definitely. The price for these are more than reasonable. for the amount of product you get and the quality.


Morphe Brushes Eye Shadows.


Top Left: Gumdrop, Creme Brulee, Glow For Me, Pretty In Pink, Mysterious, Secretive, Burlesque, Porcelain, Cream Puff, Lustrous, Wink For A Pink




This is a self made palette I created I created. I am determined this fall to get the Morphe 350 palette to give Morphe shadows a fair try. I rate these shadows a solid B Granted these are just their single shadows so I’m sure the formula is different from their custom palettes. I am impressed with Morphe in all aspects. I love there brushes and these shadows for being $2.29  they are pretty bomb.  That is what I love about Morphe, they are soooooo affordable. Unfortunately, Morphe has disabled the majority of these shadows, I have linked the ones they still carry.

Now onto the honest review, Morphe shadows have a lot of pigment. so they pass my pigment test. Even the matte shadows are pretty pigmented so that speaks volume to me. some of the metallic shadows are AMAZING so buttery so pigmented, I would honestly compare them to the Urban Decay shadows. they are that good but way way way cheaper. The reason I give them a B is because I can’t stand the smell of the shadows, it is such a chemically powdery smell that I can’t deal with it, it kind of makes me sick to be honest. Its that strong. I am not exaggerating this hahah! But, the color payoff  makes the smell manageable I just hold my breath when I dip my brush in the shadows hah! I believe every make up lover needs to try out some Morphe shadows. They are so affordable its worth giving them a try. you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this brand.

 Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette



This. This is the reason I retired my Naked Basic palettes. It was Kat Von D’s fault hahah!

Overall this palette is a solid A . The packaging kills me, but that is a given since its Kat Von D, hello?  I give the shadows an A. everything about these shadows are so bomb. For one they are all matte shadows so I’m already obsessed. and they give you 3 different color schemes, neutral shades, cool toned shades, and warm toned shades. Guys the possibilities are endless with this palette. it is the PERFECT every day palette. Also this palette passes my pigment test as well. Actually this palette is the reason I became so picky with color pay out hahah. It is hard to get matte shadows to be super pigmented I am starting to realize, but Kat Von D slays the game. her shadows are true to their color as well. meaning one swipe you get so much color pay out. The only complaint I have is there is some fall out, the shadows are a little bit powdery. but to be honest that is such a minimal problem in the grand scheme. Also, It is cheaper than Urban Decay, say whaaaat? Yeah, its like 10 bucks cheaper, and in my opinion much higher quality.

Do I recommend this palette. Yes, with out a doubt. I will recommend this palette to everyone. It’s that good.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this Part 1 of My Make Up Addiction: Eye Shadows, Part two will be up next week! I’ll talk to you in a few days!





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