Lazy Girls Ultimate Guide to Street Style: Bomber Jackets

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How is it going my ladies? Hope everyone is doing well. I have an awesome fashion post planned for you guys today! How many of you have heard of bomber jackets? (I’m assuming basically everyone, they’re kind of the big thing right now). Question is, how do you wear them, and what’s the most versatile way to wear it? Thankfully bomber jackets look good with everything. Literally everything. Personally, my favorite way to wear them is super casual, because I dress up every day of my life for work, (well I wear leggings everyday), but it’s nice to wear some fun jeans every once in a while. Today I will be showing you ladies how to wear this iconic jacket in a way that looks trendy but also takes the least amount of effort possible.

  1. Ripped Jeans

I love ripped jeans, It took me a while to get on board with them, cause I thought they looked “trashy.” I now realize I was wrong. When I’m not working I practically live in these High Rise Jeggings from Express. Adding a distressed pair of pants instantly creates this trendy vibe to any outfit you wear.  I recommend wearing black jeans because I believe the contrast of colors makes the outfit look more interesting. But, if black isn’t your thing regular jeans will look just as cute!

  1.  Basic T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a cozy basic T-shirt. I like to wear my shirts looser and more flowy,  A basic T can be worn in any way possible, you can dress it up dress it down. If you would like you could wear a graphic T if that’s your thing, as you can tell I’m pretty simple, so for me it’s a little outside my comfort zone, hah!

  1.  Flannel

I’m so glad flannels are in style, also who knew that tying them around your waist would become a thing again? But, all judgements aside, it works. There’s no way to really describe it. It just creates a laid back feel. Tying a flannel around your waist accentuates your waistline, allowing you to show off your cute body in a modest way.

  1. Sneakers

Converse or Adidas, it doesn’t really matter what brand is your favorite, but sneakers are easy, you can wear them all day and your feet won’t bother you, They are practical which is good, if your running around doing errands or Just going out for the day. They are practical and cute, so its a win win!

  1.  Bomber Jacket

The jacket is going to be the main focus of your outfit. That’s why you want everything else to be subtle, Bomber jackets aren’t for everyone, Its a puffy track jacket basically. You can purchase these jackets in all sorts of colors and styles, and some even have patches on them to give them a retro vibe. My favorite is the OG Olive green! I love it because even though it’s green, it’s a neutral enough shade that it goes with everything.

Well there you have it folks! my ultimate guide to styling a bomber jacket! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Be sure to be following me on social media! I post outfits, make up tips, and other random snippits of my life. You can find me at @blondeandbeyoutiful on instagram!

Until next time loves, stay BeYoutiful.


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